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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lets Build a Castle out of Builders Foam

So now that you've finished carving, you'll want to add a stone "texture".
Take some crumpled up tin foil and rub vigorously over the entire wall surface.
Amazing, just how much the foam turns into "stone".


  1. What a great tip!!! The crumpled foil really did the trick, amazing. Karin, where would I find this kind of foam?

  2. Gracias por el consejo, te esta quedando francamente fantastico.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  3. Oh, that is an excellent tip! I use builder's foam a lot in projects, so that will come in very handy.

    Fiver, you can get the foam at home supply and hardware stores, it comes in big sheets (8' x 4') but it's pretty cheap.

    - Grace

  4. Gracias por las explicaciones. Francamente valiosas.
    Besos Clara

  5. Thank you for sharing us, is perfectly explain! hugs


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