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Friday, October 22, 2010

We woke this morning to the first light dusting of snow! Looking at the photo, you might not think much of it ...but this is way too early! We normally don't get anything until November.
Do you believe in harbingers? Two days ago I saw the fattest, most wooliest wooly caterpillar ever! In case you didn't know, it's said that you can predict the winter by the thickness of the caterpillar's coat.

My castle is finished except for one door and the fireplace. I should have photos for you tomorrow. But first I think I'll go stock up on food in case we get snowed in.....

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  1. El otoño pasa rápido por allí, aquí todavía hace una temperatura agradable, y los colores otoñales comienzan apenas a verse.
    un abrazo

    Autumn passes quickly by, this still makes a comfortable temperature, and the fall colors just beginning to be seen.
    a hug


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