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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party Oct 27

Wow, you guys sure wore some great costumes! Costumes probably date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when folks believed that if they disguise themselves as spirits, the restless dead walking the earth would pass them by. It’s only in recent days that the costume repertoire has expanded to include superheros and fairy princesses. Maybe our kids desperately need to ward them off, too?
Between costumes, decorations and trick or treat candy, North Americans spend more than $6 million. Apparently Alice in Wonderland costumes sold out early; next in popularity are Buzz Lightyear and Harry Potter characters this year.
Ken & I are going to hand out treats at my stepdaughter's house so they can both take the kids. Nobody comes to our house; we're too far out in the country. It's so cute watching the littlest ones in their costumes ...oh and speaking of little ones, pet costumes are a big industry that's growing bigger all the time.

OMG a face only a fur baby mother could love!

Is it any wonder there are more dogs biting their owners!

these guys are making me hungry! Why don't you help me bring out the party food....

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  1. Brilliant :0) I love the little super hero dog, I don't think my dog would let me dress her up though!
    Julia xxx

  2. we don't get trick or treaters either- it's one of the few things I miss about living in the city. What cute pet photos! Those bananna pups don't look too happy about it though!

  3. When our boys were small, we did the whole Halloween thing for them and the neighbourhood children - dressed up, treats, spooky atmosphere, the lot. It all stopped once the oldest got embarrassed at mother dressing as a witch. How times have we switch off the bell and pretend we're not in - lol

  4. I'm with Irene,we pretend we're not in ;-0

  5. are those polymer clay fingers? they look so dang real...hugs...christen


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