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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas International Swap

Well it's now official. I'm getting my Christmas gifts from Spain(?)Google translate seemed to have a bit of trouble so I'm not 100% sure if I'm right when I say Spain but they're definitely coming from RosaMaria. Oooooh I just love continental gifts!

And I'll be sending mine to Natalie Frank who lives in Spokane Washington USA. I peeked in at her Scarlet Sails blog. Seems Natalie specializes in needle point. I'm just not sure what her other interests are. Hmmmmm guess that leaves my choices wide open!

I'm going to need 1 Christmas gift, 1 toy and 1 gift representing autumn. Any one have any suggestions?


  1. That sounds fun! Hey nice pumpkins the wheelbarrow and the gourds. Happy Halloween!

    12 Days of Halloween in Miniature!
    Read The Killer Valentine Ball

  2. Hi, Karin. This is Natalia, your partner in Caterina's International Swap. My email is Will be waiting for your message, :)))


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