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Monday, December 7, 2009

Gifting and Regifting

Item 1: At a recent cocktail party, Ken & I won a very nice snowman dispenser for a spot dance. I have no use for soap dispensers. Tonight I regifted it at a ladies dinner that I attended where in turn I received some lovely Christmas tea towels & a table runner. I love my gift. I've always had an affinity for fancy tea towels altho with a dishwasher I don't have much use for them any more.

Item 2: On another group that I belong to, a recent thread ran to the topic of awful gifts with one person complaining that she gives nice things but during an exchange, she received a gift from a member's son that the child had made with his grandmother. She ended her post by expressing her shock and the statement: "lets all try to do better for the holidays."

I know that regifting has become so normal these days that even Emily Post has regifting etiquette rules. Most of us practice it while pretending we don't. You might think it tacky but secretly you feel it's a great way to get rid of that hideous scarf your Aunt Bea gave you.

I've read that more than 75% of N Americans regift. So as long as we regift outside the circle of people we received it from and the gift is new, unused and without its original gift tag: in this age of recycling, is it really such a bad thing?


  1. I am all for re-gifting but with some thoughts. Something may not be suitable for you but may be great for someone else. I always find it hard to buy things for my brother-in-law so much as that it has become a standing joke that what I give him is often totally unsuitable. As long as the person loves your gift, it should not matter where that gift come from? :) Just my 2cents worth :). Great post, by the way.

  2. What is it with these committees that pick out prizes?

    Would you rather win a snowman soap dispenser or the chance to donate $5.00 to the shoes for homeless Children's fund?

    Why does any party at Christmas require a gift exchange? If people feel they have to give then why not request people bring a new pair of socks for the homeless? A new pair of socks is a true luxury gift to receive if you don't have any decent socks at all.

    This kind of thing is within our control to take charge of and make a difference in our lives and other peoples. All it takes is an email suggestion to the committees to get it started.

    Get off the unwanted gift wagon and get on the perfect gift train.

  3. as always, great pearls of wisdom, Karin. You've got my vote!


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