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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The November Make Swap

It's has been a long time. The bed I made has still not arrived so I can't show you it but take a look at the bed that was made for me.
It came in a huge box and I'd been warned that Cate wasn't sure which way was up. So I opened it very carefully. Unfortunately the postman was none too gentle:
But it was solved quickly with a little help from Elmer:
Here's a close up of Inky (ha ha Cate. I've already named him)
Take a closer look; isn't it fantastic. I am such a lucky girl!

Even the bottom of the bed is fantastic. Six fish holding marble feet.

And it came complete with bed linen. Just what every self respecting merperson needs.
Cate, I've posted at AllThingsMini as well. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!
Bet the rest of you are all green with envy! I'm away to add a mermaid to my to-do list....


  1. I'm just thrilled Karin! I'm SO glad you like it! Your happiness has made my day! I can't wait to see the mermaid you create to lounge upon it! :D

  2. It is amazing! I love it- you are a lucky gal- do you have a house or roombox planned for it? Wow, wow, wow! Great job Cate!!!

  3. This is awesome Karin!! Cate did such a great job. This is the kind of piece that make a person start a whole new project just to make a home for it!! Can't wait to see what you do!

  4. Such an amazing little creation ... very cleverly conceived! A tip of the hat to Cate. Your mermaid will sleep well there.

  5. What a Fantastic Merbed. Looking forward to seeing the Mer Person who's going to rest their weary head on it..x


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