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Monday, December 21, 2009

Needlepoint Embroidered Pillows

Elly in Amsterdam has finished my three pet pillows.
Top left is Tzi, my 16 yr old Shih Tzu who was dognapped 2 years ago. I never saw her again!
Top right, is PuppyCat, my Maine Coon kitty who died when she was only two, of hereditary cardiomyopathy which unfortunately is a condition all too common in that breed.
At the bottom is Luna, my current dog, a hairless Chinese Crested.
The pillows are no more than 1" square and are made of needlepoint embroidery. They're just exquisite!!!! I can hardly wait to see them for real.

The cost, you ask? .....merely a donation to a local animal rescue group! How could I go wrong!? Although I won't receive my pillows until the new year, I've already sent my donation to the Animal Alliance of Canada as well as one to Project Jessie. I thought both these organizations could use the money sooner than later.

A couple of posts back, I wrote about gifting and regifting and was reminded by Karin Corbin that most of us are really "fat cats" who should think more of the needy, the unwanted and the homeless before we start giving unwarranted and useless (re)gifts. Karin's advice was spot on (as always, LOL).
Look around you: isn't there a roof over your head keeping you dry; aren't you're warm and well fed. Most of you are surrounded by family (furry or otherwise). What more could you really need?
Especially at this festive season, please spare a few dollars to those who aren't as they furry or two-legged.


  1. Ze zijn prachtig, gewoon perfect!
    Ze maakt mooie dingen.


  2. Karin.. are you a true love of vintage..? I need a little heads up for the lollipop package!

    ps.. I would love a Bernese Mt.Dig pillow!

  3. Beautiful pillows and what a heart warming exchange. Some furry creatures will have full tummies and a warm dry bed.

    The local humane society has been giving animals to good homes at no charge this Christmas season. Many animals have lost their previous homes when people lost theirs. Someone, somewhere in the local government finally realized that charging $75.00 or more to adopt a cat or dog meant that animals were euthanized in huge numbers and it did not need to happen that way.

  4. Merry Christmas and a good year.
    A Carmen hug

  5. Waht a beautiful exchange. A win win for everyone.

  6. I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.


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