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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Rosanna's swap

I can finally show you what I made and received from Rosanna's swap. If you recall, the rules were to make an object Christmas related that was neither red nor green and to send it in an unusual container. There were 34 of us involved!! And we weren't allowed to open our gifts until Christmas Eve.

I think Rosanna really deserves a big hand for this one ....and Rosanna, if you're reading this, please count me in on any future swaps. I had a blast!

I sent to Julia in Wales and in return received from Sonia in Spain.

Let's start with the container: I made a sparkly blue Christmas cracker
....which held the boxes containing the tree stand and the tree topper

I hope Julia liked it!

From Sonia, I received 2 entryway topiary trees.... along with a Christmas card. Sonia, thank you so much! You did a lovely job. Love the colors. Her container was a glasses case ....and the lens cleaning cloth! How did you know we were one short? (We're forever losing our sunglass cases LOL)

P.S. Rosanna, I never peeked!


  1. I loved it, thankyou so much, Julia xx

  2. I'm so glad that you like it.
    The gift you've done is beautiful too.
    I have not been so lucky because I have not received any gift from K Arthur from Virginia U.S.A. or any message of apology.
    I hope for better luck in my next exchange,
    a warm greeting, Sonia


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