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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Money Tree

DAY 7:

It seemed natural that when using a human shaped armature to flesh it out like a human....I may yet regret that.
I've added a coat of fimo over the Magic Sculpt. Am not finding it holds well and I need to be careful that in moving the fimo into place I don't "tear" a hole in it. Probably my fimo layer is too thin...
To create bark, I'm using a "blend" of 4 colors of clay: tiny bit of black, 2 shades of brown and some caramel. And am simply using layers that are smudged as I work to represent bark. In the new year when there's more time, I really should look to see how other people show faux wood.

Don't really have the time to do more. Sundays are reserved for Karaoke. Ken...not me! I just listen & chat with friends. If I've learned nothing else, it's that when you find a keeper, you should always save time & do the things that he enjoys & not just what you want!
See you tomorrow....

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