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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Money Tree

DAY 9 & 10:

This will be a combination post because on Day 9, I did no sculpting. It was however the first snowfall of about 1" that was washed away by rain shortly thereafter. By this date, last year, we had already had 100cm (39 inches!!) of snow that never left and just kept coming and coming!

On Day 10, I finally started on the face using 4mm glass eyes. It's amazing how slippery & hard to handle these little tiny balls of glass are...even if they do come with an attached wire at the back. It's also very hard to get them symmetrical and not achieve this look:


  1. I'm new here...could someone tell me just what this is...hee hee...and everyone thought that I was weird!

  2. Your tree could do worse than look like Marty Feldman! I loved him and love the tree as well!!


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