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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Swaps - 5Star Swap

Well I thought that yesterday's posting would have been the last until January but today the postman finally bought my parcel from the 5 Star Swap

From Kathi I received: a Poinsettia flower in a vase, a basket with "pine" cones, an art deco Christmas tree and a bead wreath.... And if that weren't enough, she also sent material, findings and some bits & bobs. I'm overwhelmed! ......

From Deborah I received: a cute little snowman, a bow with bells and a tiny decorated brush tree that looks like she hand made it; absolutely fabulous....

Jaime gave me a teeny tiny Christmas tree inside a dome; there are prezzies under the tree as well. How cute is that!.....

....and from Jill , in a home made box: a place mat with a Santa plate containing cookies and a candy cane, a carrot for the reindeer as well as a glass of milk, along with a note for Santa. That'll earn brownie points from Santa!.....

Last but not least, from Kim, a letter in which she asks for advice, "because I feel like the only way I can improve is through practice and learning from other people", a hutch and a box with all the bits (a filled punch bowl with cups & the ladle, an xmas stocking, a wreath and a tiny tree, 3 cards, 2 gingerbread men and a gingerbread house) to decorate it with and a photo of how she set everything up.... Kim, you rock girl! I can't see you needing much advice

I sent each person a wreath and "ein Bunten Teller" containing a candy cane, some candies and an all day lolly, gingerbread, chocolate, cookies, an apple & an orange....In Germany where festivities are held on Christmas Eve, the tree isn't set up or decorated until that afternoon. Presents are set out on a festively laid table and traditionally include a decorative plate overflowing with all the cookies & cakes that had been baked in the weeks preceding Christmas. These plates known as "Bunter Teller"(colorful plate), are a special paper plate decorated in Christmas scenes and in addition to the traditional cookies contain lots of chocolate, nuts, marzipan and fruit.
I think this is probably where Santa's cookie plate originated from.

Give yourselves a big hand, ladies! Thank you so much for my prezzies; they're all great!!!!
Just as I made that sleeping mouse in the teacup who's waiting for Santa, this year, I have an idea for next year for a Christmas card that will made as a vignette. Tune in then, I'll be using some of my swap prezzies.

I have 2 more swaps to come Rosanna's swap and the swap at AllThingsMini.


  1. Hi Karin, your gifts are wonderful, this year you should have been a good blogger and a lovely person,a warm greeting,Sonia

  2. I'm so glad you liked your gifts Karin! This was a wanderful swap to be a part of!!!

  3. Karin- stopping in to say thank you so much for my swap items!! The orange is amazing- I cannot stop looking at it! It is so cool to know the story behind your plate of goodies- I have never heard of this before :) I love the wreath also!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  4. Hi Karin, sorry to be late, but I was busy drooling over my items I got! I loved your wonderful wreath and the amazing, yummy plate of goodies! Thank you and happy new year!
    mini hugs


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